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Leveraging profitability

Optimizing investments for value increase

Managing product evolution and allocating resources to the right features is challenging for technical companies.

Companies are tending to develop features “like others”, it reduces the competitiveness of their product.
Roadmap management needs a clear and efficient process completely online with strategy and Return on Invest (ROI).



We propose a large set of services for investment optimization and product value increase :

• Technological partnership strategy
o Identification of the core technologies to be developed in-house
o Technical partnership research for base technology

• Roadmap management and resource optimization – R&D value optimization
o Roadmap alignment to strategy
o Optimize the R&D investments for an optimal customer value proposition

• Process definition for management of out of strategy evolutions
o Maintenance
o Customer specific features
o Commercial committed features

• Pricing strategy and pricing tool definition

• Installed base management
o Releases management
o HW – SW compatibility


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