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About KreaVizio

Who we are

KreaVizio was founded by Horacio MIRANDA DE OLIVEIRA. Horacio spent 20 years in the Telecommunication industry with worldwide responsibilities: Product Line Manager, Product Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager.

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Horacio’s dual technological and marketing expertise as well as his multicultural skills enforced market growth to startups as well as internationals companies.

KreaVizio creation was driven by the observation that companies within high-tech markets have very complex trends to address and improvement of their value proposition and differentiation can largely drive them to growth.



What we do

KreaVizio is a consulting organization increasing value proposition and differentiation for Telecom, IT and more globally high technological companies. Our consulting practice covers multiple services within:

• Defining a Product Strategy with innovative positioning and key market differentiators.
• Setting-up of Product Roadmap management process for optimization of investment and increase of market differentiators.
• Supporting Business development with accurate Go-to-Market strategy opening to worldwide markets.


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• We support companies’ future shaping, focusing investment on the right value proposition and differentiators.
• We Value the strengths and differentiators of technological companies.
• We open companies to globalized world market with multicultural environments.


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• Excellence: we tend to provide customers with results that exceed expectations
• Proactivity: we are highly committed to answer and as much as possible anticipate customer expectations
• Accountability: we take responsibility of the success of our customers
• Passion: passionate of technologies and marketing we are proud of sharing enthusiasm with our customers